The gay pot head arrives at a quiet location ready to chill with 2 new friends.

Gay Pot Head: Hey guys! Ready to get high?

Kid 1: Yeah, tone it down a bit, we don't want to draw any attention to ourselves. Did you have to wear a bright pink shirt and white pants?

Gay Pot Head: Whoopsy! Guilty as charged! All right let's huddle in nice and close, should I pack the bowl?

Kid 2: Yeah go for it, I'll pack the next one.

Kid 1: You can let go of my hand.

The gay pot head pulls out a phallic shaped piece.

Kid 1: What the…

Kid 2: I've never seen a pipe like that before…is that a penis pipe?

Gay Pot Head: Hehe, no silly! It's just a regular pipe. These balls are for holding in case the shaft gets too hot and wet.

Kid 1: Wet…?

Gay Pot Head: Okay guys let's smoke this shit!

Kid 2: Chill for a second, someone's walking over here.

A good-looking girl walks bye, minding her own business.

Kid 1: Damn, look at that ass.

Gay Pot Head: Oh my gawd, I wonder if that Fendii bag is real!

The gay pot head proceeds to insert the pipe deep into his mouth, much deeper than necessary.

Kid 1: Ahh….what…why are you doing that?

Kid 2: Dude you're putting that thing way too far into your mouth.

Gay Pot Head: This is just the way I smoke, what can I say, I like to take nice long deep hits.

Kid 1: I think you just like to take it deep.

Gay Pot Head: cough cough Okay who wants it next?

Kid 1: Shit, I think I have a test tomorrow, I'm gonna take a rain check.

Kid 1 leaves, Kid 2 remains, determined to get high.

Gay Pot Head: Aww, that's no fun! My my my, I'm already high! This weed is FABULOUS!

Kid 2: Alright just give me the damn pipe.

Kid 2 puts the penis up to his mouth, hesitates, and then takes a hit. He inhales some smoke and exhales some dignity.

Gay Pot Head: Just the tip? Mmm, take a nice hit. Yeahhh, that's it, suck it in bad boy!

Kid 2: cough cough What'd you just say?!

Gay Pot Head: Okay my turn!

Kid 2: Shit dude, I'm good after one hit. …Ehh, I'll see you around dude.

Gay Pot Head: Ugh! I have to finish all this by myself! Whatevs! Soo…tomorrow, same time same place? Toodles!