Make sure to purchase a 10 foot pole-  Not as a weapon, but it is a vital tool in checking the depth and consistency of unknown pools of liquid.  Brian has infuriated many of players as a pool of rust acid eats away at their +2 broadswords.  There is no way you will want to wander back into the crystal dragons ice cave to get another one.

Purchase rations, seriously- I know no other DMs make you stop and eat food (its a very boring aspect of the game) but, man, Sanford doesn’t mess around.  He won’t let you know that your character is hungry.  He will keep it to himself until you have to make a constitution check, and give you a minus 4 modifier, then you are totally effed.  The brain rot from the zombie bite will take a hold way faster than it will take a cleric to brew you up the antidote.

Consider a bard character- I know no one ever chooses a bard, but if you are in a tavern and need to garner some info on where Jarlaxle’s band of minions might be holing up with Crenshiniborn (the deadliest of all artifacts).  It is nearly impossible to get anyone to talk to you without the high charisma of one such story-telling lute playing character.

And one last piece of advice…

Never make love to the busty informant- she is always a shapeshifting necromancer, a dude necromancer, I think there might be something wrong with Brian Sanford.

Keep coming back for more helpful hints.

-Reannan (level 16 Elven Fighter/Mage)