I don't know when NASCAR races happen, but I do have a solution for your weekends of boredom without one. Here's what you what to do:

1. Get a beer
2. Put a bunch of Skittles in the toilet.
3. Flush toilet and chug beer before Skittles are gone.

All the bright colors going round and round in one direction will be just like a race. If you want you can take a fine-point Sharpie and write numbers on the Skittles and cheer for your favorite. You can pee on the ones you don't like! Keep flushing and chugging until you are shitfaced. It would normally take you 3 hours if a race was on but you can do this in 20 minutes.

The crashes aren't as epic, but you still end up drunk, so you really can't complain about anything.