So some random dude messaged one of my friends on AIM the other day and I decided to see if my creeper skills were up to snuff since I havent used them in a while.

Rossphocles (12:36:55 AM):hi
brianexe43 (12:37:05 AM): Hi
Rossphocles (12:37:24 AM):how are you, I havent talked to you in forever
Rossphocles (12:37:25 AM):?
brianexe43 (12:38:17 AM): Good and you LOL yeah sorry for not being on…..
Rossphocles (12:38:45 AM):yeah, where did you go?? I missed you pretty hardcore
brianexe43 (12:40:05 AM): LOL I dono my of broke for a long time then I got a mac and I just got on aol now lol
brianexe43 (12:40:17 AM): I misses you too LOL
Rossphocles (12:40:34 AM):awww you're as sweet as ever
brianexe43 (12:41:10 AM): LOL so what have you been up too?
Rossphocles (12:42:10 AM):ugh work work work, i was thinking about making a trip up there though. We should hang out if I can get all the plans straight
brianexe43 (12:42:43 AM): Sweet but ok moving soon lol
Rossphocles (12:42:54 AM):oh? where to?
brianexe43 (12:43:06 AM): Vermont lol
Rossphocles (12:43:49 AM):No way! which part? I can totally drive to vermont from here
brianexe43 (12:44:24 AM): LOL I dono it's like burlington or something
Rossphocles (12:45:46 AM):omfg, yes, when are you moving? We should def party.
brianexe43 (12:46:28 AM): LOL late august
Rossphocles (12:47:27 AM):Oh for school? yeah, you should totally give me a call once you get settled in, you still have my number?
brianexe43 (12:47:59 AM): No… LOL give it :p
Rossphocles (12:48:51 AM):603-656-7603, hah please dont lose it this time
brianexe43 (12:49:25 AM): Sorry new computers and such everything was lost
Rossphocles (12:49:50 AM):that's ok , ok time for bed, talk to ya later

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