To: Jenna Golden

ME: Hey Jen Jen, long time no talk right? I mean it's just that we knew each other waaaay back when, and i saw you on Facebook chat, I thought I'd give you a holla

ME: I think it was like In like middle school or something. We had a class together. I think we both were doin some mad flirtin back then. We were still lil and everything so it would've ended up in a handjob at best, but still thought itd be fun to talk bout.

ME: So yeah, thought I'd just catch up, cuz we're like the only 2 people up at 3:30 in the morning, ha ha.

ME: …I mean I just got back from going out

ME: To this party

ME: It's not like I was on facebook all night or anything. I mean it probably says I've been online all night, but I left my computer running. Lol. I'm such a spaz I know.

ME: I didn't see you there, at that party I was at, the one I just mentioned earlier. but judging by your response time you're probably just wasty face like me

ME: Have any of these sent? I really don't get this system yet exactly, I bet none of these are getting to u, or ur trying to reply but my stupid internet is acting up, lolz.

ME: Or maybe you just left your internet on. So yeah…sorry for leaving so many messages, I'm pretty gone-zo

ME: I'm like really gone. like won't remember this tomorrow, mos def, so no point really even bringing it up, if I ever see you again, which I probably wont or anthing.

ME: Not saying I wouldn't want to. I would, even if u wanted to hang out I would. Or whatever.

ME: Okay, maybe we wouldn't have ended up in full out handjob phase, but we definitely could've had some braces on braces mouth kissing action, most likely with some under the training bra feeling, and so help me god, if you deny that…

ME: Goddammit.