Ethan: How disappointing was it that John Lackey's no-hitter ended up just being a pathetic complete game two-hit win over the Red Sox in Fenway? I mean, that must be when a victory feels like a loss.

Amir: Which is probably why Sox fans were cheering as if it were a victory. I guess they'll take what they can get!

Ethan: If the Angels had acquired Teixeira and gotten a no-hitter yesterday, it would have been one of the best days in franchise history, sort of the exact opposite of the day they acquired Mo Vaughn.

Amir: The day the Rally Monkey contracted AIDS.

Ethan: Did you like this trade for the Braves?

Amir: I guess Kotchman and a prospect are better than nothing. Plus the Angels needed some hope this season, things were looking BLEAK, and I mean DISMAL.

Ethan: Well, I don't actually think they couldn't have won in the playoffs with the offense they had. Between the offense, the solid rotation with a stud like Lackey at the top, and the killer bullpen, they could be there.

Amir: The Braves couldn't do better than this, though? Kotchman's a good enough player, but he doesn't have much power for a first baseman and he lost most of a season to mono once. Who has he been kissing?

Ethan: The Braves now have one reliable power source, and it's an aging, injury-prone third baseman named Larry. Won't someone just let Manny be Manny?

Amir: I think Manny should take a day or two just being somebody other than Manny. Maybe Ron Artest? They're pretty much the same thing aren't they? Talented nuisances?

Ethan: I liked that Manny said that he'd even play in Iraq if he had to. I just don't think the Basrah Raiders have the sort of young impact pitching the Sox would need to make that deal, though. At least Manny's good, though. When I see Jose Guillen and Gregg Zaun demanding trades, I'm sort of curious if they've ever owned their own baseball cards. "Whoa…THESE are my stats? I suck! I better keep my mouth shut and be happy someone's paying me…"

Amir: I guess you're right about Manny… At least Ron-Ron is good at defense…

Ethan: How do you like that deal for Houston? At the very least I think someone should make a reality show that just follows Battier and Artest's relationship.

Amir: When you have T-Mac and Yao you can sacrifice Bobby "instant offense" Jackson for some more defense. They're gonna get Yao back, be better defensively, and Scola and Carl Landry are going to be even better. That's almost enough to make Rick Adelman smile.

Ethan: I'm just glad the Kings are getting the old gang from 2000 back together.

Amir: Oh — maybe that's why Adelman's smiling.

Ethan: Today, Bobby Jackson. Tomorrow, luring Jon Barry, Corliss Williamson, and Doug Christie back. They'll be getting screwed by the refs again in no time! Want to offer your deepest condolences to Pistons fans?

Amir: I was once a lot like you. Faint memories of a championship team. Guarded optimism of signing Kwame Brown. "Hey, maybe MJ was onto something!" Nope. He wasn't. He has the skillset of a high school junior varsity scrub with the body of Kevin Willis. Simply put, they were better off with Darko.

Ethan: If you're going to stockpile tall draft busts, why stop there? Shawn Bradley and Chris Washburn probably aren't busy. It might not be a bad signing for the Pistons. They're only paying him $4 million a season, and he's just got to be a backup. It's not like they're building the team around him. And besides, Chris Wallace established Kwame's trade value last season: he's worth Pau Gasol!

Amir: I just want Kwame to make a Kitna-esque guarantee now that he's in Detroit. 10 wins guaranteed!

Ethan: Seems like there's some other story we're forgetting. Some obscure little bit the national news hasn't really touched. Ah, yes, that selfless Favre chap. Might he really think the Jets are just one piece away? And if so, is that piece "an entire decent football roster?"

Amir: The only team that is POSSIBLY one quarterback away from a SuperBowl is Minnesota (or perhaps the Bears.) Green Bay seems like they would love sending Favre there!

Ethan: The Ravens could maybe sneak into the Super Bowl with Favre. That division might not be as competitive as people think this year if the Bengals don't bounce back in a big way and if the Browns regress a little. I wonder if Aaron Rodgers is spending most of the day just refreshing "Crap, we're sending someone to Mississippi to tell the old man to stay away? This job is mine boyeeeeee!" (high fives self)

Amir: The only thing that could top the Giants last year would be if Aaron Rodgers leads the Pack to a SuperBowl this year. Over Favre's team.

Ethan: Got an interesting Favre? I mean, fact?

Amir: Brett Favre's middle name is Lorenzo. So. That's that.

Ethan: Until next week, get excited for more Favre-mania! No, really, get excited. It's going to keep being the only story. We heard he sent a fax! is a random jersey blog that Amir and Ethan run. Enjoy!