This week I sit down once again with James Introcaso of the Good Works Tour. We discuss THE BEST MOVIE EVER, Samuel L Jackson's headshine, and our dream matches.

PANEL ONE: Best Opening Weekend ($158.4 million), Best Single Day($66.4 million). Top movie on IMDB Top 250 list. Could beat Titanic for highest-grossing film of all time. The dust has settled. Dark Knight. Let's talk about it.

Sean: Seen it twice.
James: Seen it once but at midnight the night it came out. I was very pleased
Sean: As was I. This makes up for Bat-Skates, Bat-nipples,Bat-Airboards, and Chris O'Donnell.
James: Agreed! I thought the theme of the film was totally amazing. …But I did have a big problem with the end.
Sean: The hero not being the hero?

James: Well, without giving too much away, though if you haven't seen it, you probably won't be getting internet under your rock either, the whole city was in a riot at the time.
[spoiler alert]
James: ANYONE could have killed those people. Batman didn't have to take the blame,especially when there was another bad guy, the Joker, to pin it on
Sean: Yeah, but… It's because Batman's so noble, and… Damn it. You found a flaw in The Dark Knight. I didn't think it was possible.
[end spoiler alert]
James: I'm sorry. But Joker's bad-assery and the great make up, camera work and pacing make up for it.
Sean: Oh my, yes. Pencil-in-the-eye trick needs to be incorporated into Criss Angel's repertoire.
James: Oh yeah! And it was the blunt end. Classy.
Sean: Glassy. Eye. For his lovely assistant. Or death due to the forced entry of a pencil eraser into his brain.
James: I've never been in a theater where the audience was tearing up due to laughter because of a death. I have to say, I laughed right along with the rest of them and plan on taking my seat in Hell proudly.
Sean: I was falling out of my seat as a man dressed in drag and wearing makeup over a horrifically scarred face [sh*t sorry spoiler alert!] blew up a hospital. [ok my bad, end spoiler alert]
Sean: Oh yeah. Spoiler alert, folks.
James: Exactly.

PANEL TWO: Your wet dream is looking closer and closer to a reality. Not the one with your cousin. Iron Man, Hulk,Captain America,Antman, the Wasp, and friends are all going to appear on the screen at the same time. Hurrah, right? Not so fast, fanboy. There are talks about shooting the entire hooplah in CGI. I asked last week how Hollywood could screw this up, and here it is.

Sean: I'm worried, but not distraught. This could go horribly awful, or splendidly amazing.
James: I agree. I think there's no need for CGI for a movie like this.It's less impressive film making. Please, REAL WOMEN are way hotter than any animated ones no matter how big you make their animated jugs.
: Some men would disagree with you. However, I felt the same way about casting Heath Ledger as the Joker, and look how that turned out.
James: That's true, but look how it turned out in reality….
Sean: Whoa. Just… whoa.
James: Well, let's not split hairs, the man is gone now. Of course, if we do CGI that means that Captain America could be voiced by a fat dude like Jack Black.
Sean: The problem is, you're going to have 5 or more superheroes and villains all on screen at the same time, all shooting/flying/punching/blowing up/etc. How do you do that without having a $5 gazillion budget?
James: This is true, but they have a $5 gazillion budget and this movie is a guaranteed money-maker no matter how it's made. It just doesn't make sense to do everything live action and then suddenly go CGI. I want my Robert Downey Jr. and Edward Norton in the flesh (or iron). I want Sammy L to KICK SOME ASS!
Sean: Samuel L Jackson kicks ass at all times. Eating breakfast? Kicking ass. Drinking coffee? Kicking ass. Disposing of airborne serpentines? You get the idea.
James: Exactly. Watching a CGI Sammy L just isn't the same. That's just going out like a sucker.
Sean: Although they'll be able to glint light off his head even more epically.
James: How awesome would that be? Shiny Sammy is the best.
Sean: It'll be a shine-off between Sam Jackson and Iron Man.

PANEL THREE: A right of passage for every self-respecting geek is the old-as-Stan-Lee "who'd win in a fight" question. What are some of your dream matches?

James: Well, I've seen a lot of them, but a dream match for me is an all out slug fest between the Juggernaut and The Thing from the Fantastic Four.
Sean: I'd like to see Juggernaut versus The Blob.
James: That's an amazing one!
: The Unstoppable Force versus the Immovable Fatass.
James: The Justice League verses The Avengers.
Sean: Now there's a movie.
James: Talk about a $5 gazillion dollar budget, but oh, the pay off!
Sean: I feel like any team that has Batman's strategy and Superman's power would win, no matter what.
James: You're probably right, but who's more American… Superman or Captain America?
Sean: Captain America. And thus,Manifest Destiny, Capt America wins.
James: The other team is just terrorists by American standards.
Sean: Who do you think George Bush's favorite superhero is?
James: …His dad?
Sean: Dick Cheney.
James: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But we're talking HEROES, not villains.
Sean: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing!
James: Uh oh…. hear that? That's the sound of me being added to the Terrorist Watch List.
Sean: Hold on to your butts.

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We didn't get into too many dream matchups this week, so if you think you have the end-all be-all of superfights, leave it in the comments. I'll be dedicating a whole article to them in the near future.