We actually did it. We managed to make one new episode of The I Have To Go In A Minute Show every weekday in June and July.

Today is the last episode, so be sure to check it out. We asked viewers what they wanted to see for the final show and the most common response was they wanted to see Dan get beaten up. So that's what we did. It's got more epic action than Dark Knight.

Thanks to Mountain Dew for sponsoring such a silly idea. They've been super cool. Speaking of which, you have until 5:30pm today to vote for the next Dew flavor at Dewmocracy.com. So do it. Or shall I say, dew it.

And thanks to everybody for watching. We got a lot of good feedback on it and even the people who said they didn't like it still came back to watch it just as much as the people who did. Works for us.