Your Brain on CH

Frontal Lobe – Anyone else noticing an abundance of script-like conversations from body parts and/or inanimate objects lately?  I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Temporal Lobe – Let's think back… Wardrobe Convo, Facebook chat, Rick Ross, Brett Favre, Great Invention, Desperate Measures (which featured us, so it doesn't count),  the one with Mario… and that's just about 3 weeks back.

Parietal Lobe – Now that I think about it, those seem a little redundant.

Occipital Lobe – Hmmmm, I see where you're coming from, but I'd still say you're all douches, they're funny.

Frontal – Thanks for your input, Ox.  Why don't you stick to telling us what's going on outside and leave the thinking to us?

Occipital – Hey, why don't you stick to being a douche?  Douche.

Cerebellum – This is great… you guys don't get along and it automatically puts me in the dumps; so inconsiderate.

Parietal – Hey, here's an idea:  why don't you quit bitching, Cera?  All you have to do is sit on your ass all day, no rhyming to your reason.

CerebellumHEY!  I do my part!  That's all that you ask of me.  I would do more if you gave me the slightest time of day… dick.

Parietal – I'm sorry, you're right.  But in all fairness, we all could use a little vacay from the daily routine.

Temporal  ­- I hear dat!!  Knaw wuddaym sayin?!

Area of Wernicke – Wheel can dial brick.

Cerebellum – What the F*CK Wernie?!!  Were you trying to be supportive?  Because you're about as supportive as a DD bra on a surf board… you didn't help much either Temp.  I oughtta end both of you right here, right now.

Medulla – Whoa, everyone calm down… just take a deep breath.  Wernicke doesn't know any better without his Bro by his side, remember?   

Temporal – Yeah, that's rookie shit, Cera.

Area of Broca – Recognition… is… Five high!  many —- uhhh —- thanks… for?

Frontal – Man, if you guys could only see the hypocrisy of this entire conversation… but that's over your heads.  Wait, our heads?  Wait… what?

Occipital – What?  I think you just blew my mind… our mind… HOLY SHIT.

Cerebellum – FU—-