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Wikipedia Should Change the Default For These Pages
- Anthrax
- Halo
-Jeff Rubin
I don't like post-apocalyptic films. I like present-apocalyptic films. Like Apocalypse Now.
-Shawn Pearlman
What Taco Bell Doesn't Want You to Know About Its Food
-PapaBear Colbert
I love you like a fat kid loves cake: You were great at the time but you ruined high school for me.
-Jackson Liggett
Do you think the National Competitive Eaters Association bans marijuana as a performance-enhancing drug?
-Mark V
"Pee onto others as you would have them pee onto you." That's the Golden Shower Rule.
-Adam Newman
My little brother was a huge pest when I was a kid, so I always wondered if "pest"-icides would get rid of him. They did.
-Andrew M
I used to wear deodorant until it gave me a rash. Now I just do everything slower.
-F. Callery
You know what's funny about smoking weed? Everything, apparently.
-Streeter Seidell
Sex with my girlfriend is always anal:"You're doing it all wrong.""Put your hands here.""Not like that."
-Tom Sunnergren
I wonder if the ants in my ant farm thought I was some all-powerful god, instead of just some kid who really liked killing ants.
-Patrick Cassels