We've had some pretty sick nasty office pranks around the CollegeHumor offices over the years, so we thought we'd share a select few gems from the archives. If you feel like you can upstage us, well go to hell, then send yours to MyOfficePranks@GMail.com.

When one of the developers, Amir, went to lunch we took a label maker and labeled everything on his desk – his pencils, his keyboard buttons, his mouse.  We also labeled every piece of paper in his printer as "Paper". We also coverered Streeter's entire desk area in little cups of water when he was out of the office. That'll teach people to leave.
Sarah and Team, Editorial

On my birthday a bunch of people duct taped me to my chair, put me in the elevator and sent me down to the lobby.
Nick, Development

I took this bartending class with two people from work (who live together) and we were supposed to get our certificates 2 weeks after the final if we passed. I got mine a day early so I decided to scan the acceptance letter into Photoshop and change it to a rejection letter, then, with the help of his roommate supplying me with a mailbox key, went to his apartment, opened the manilla envelope on the bottom, took out the replaced the certificate with the rejection letter then used double sided tape to seal it back up.
Rosie, Editorial

I remember my first week here, the people at Vimeo were out on a booze cruise so our develepment group decided to have some fun with their stuff. We threw toilet paper over a lot of their stuff and switched all their monitor cables to adjacent desktops.
Matt, Development

Last year I went up to a couple random people, had a casual conversation for about a minute then lunged at them out of nowhere and tried to kiss them. I call it the "kiss attack".
Amanda, BustedTees

We locked this one guy in his office, dropped stinkbomb stuff (Liquid Ass) in his office, published a phone # on the front page of CollegeHumor that forwards to his cell phone, hung Amir's cell phone from the ceiling above his head (he didn't figure out where it was for at least a half hour, even while calling it and hearing the ring), duct taped a developer to his chair and put him in the elevator. Hid Zach's computer in the oven (old office) and created an elaborate scavenger hunt for him to find it.Connected a keyboard to Amir Cohen's keyboard and randomly typed things throughout the day.
Kunal, Development

That's right, MyOfficePranks@GMail.com, so send 'em! And remember, a picture tells a thousand words.