4.5 Million years ago: little bacteria in a big world

10 000 years ago: Homo Sapiens Sapiens, humans as we are today. Bipedal, smart, and destructive.

Present: Human society as we see it now, we have moulded this world as we see fit. Every body part we have is intact at birth.

150 years from now: We are now being born without tonsils, appendixes, and pinky toes. Human anatomy texts are drastically changed.

300 years from now: There are no more blonde people, or Africans. The world rejoices and start putting condos all over Africa.

600 years from now: We are being born without hair. Since most animals are extinct, we go around bald. There is no hair anywhere. Oil wrestling has become an Olympic sport.

1200 years from now:  Due to our baldness, we are more susceptable to skin cancer, so we migrate underground.

1400 years from now: Humans have lost their sense of sight, but all others have been heightened. No one has upright posture anymore.

1450 years from now: The Earth's crust has hollowed out almost completely and collapses on everybody. Human civilization has been wiped out


1200 years from now:  We launch our entire civilization into space away from any bright stars.

1250 years from now: We get sucked into a Quasar and cease to exist.