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My roommate used to cheat on his girlfriend all first semester and steal from my bag of "broccoli". He ended up stealing my iPod so I stole his car keys which he had no replacement to. I told my suitemate so later that day we ended up tossing his car, room, house, and mailbox key into the ocean. Grand total replacement-850 dollars.
Alex Fornaro, UMass Dartmouth

Rob, it's been a month or two since we have last talked and time has cooled my head. The smell in your car is coming from a egg in your AC vent in your dash and a dead fish under you front seats and under the spare tire. I hope the slut was worth it.
Jake Wink, OSU

My Junior year I was living in a house with two other guys. One guy was normal, the other a total fucking tool. On the weekends we would all get up pretty late because we were usually hungover. My normal roommate and I would typically make breakfast and watch cartoons before going on with the rest of the day. The tool would usually wake up after breakfast was finished and eat the rest of it. One day, my normal roommate was working on pulling off this huge scab that was like 7 inches long off his arm. He had sustained this while riding his bar bike back from the bars a few nights earlier. After completely pulling it off, we both realized that it looked just like bacon. So before tool woke up, we fried it up a bit in the pan, and put it on the greasy paper towel on which the real bacon had been. Then we sat back and tried not to gag as we watched him eat it. He had no idea that he was eating road-rash scab.
That One Guy, UW

Me boyfriend at the time (now my husband,) his roomy, and I made this awesome potato gun. It was more like a potato rocket, standing almost 7 feet tall and with the saying "I pity the fool that hates spuds" on the side of it. Anyways, one night we hopped in the back of my boyfriends truck, drove to the president of the college's house, and shot potatoes at his garage and the side of the house. We only shot a few of the potatoes before we saw campus security coming, so Nick drove off around the back parking lot of campus, went to the other side of the school, and then we proceeded to shoot off some more rounds in the back of some dorms. We then had to leave campus for about an hour, so things could die down. We hid the gun in my dorm after we got back. Never got caught.
Allison Bennett, AndersonU

My roommate freshmen year had a girlfriend that he would consistently cheat on. Now she was a sack of shit too so I didn't feel bad for her just for the girls he would get drunk and hook up with. Well… one of my buddies' roommates was gay and we talked him into getting one of his gay friends to help us with this prank. After my roommate got real drunk at a party, I told him that one of the girls he was talking to earlier was looking for him. The guy texted him and pretended to be a girl. He told my roommate that he wanted to meet and that he should come over. He did. The guy said he showed stripped to his boxers and climbed in bed with him in the dark. THEY MADE OUT FOR 10 MINUTES!!! Unfortunately he passed out so we couldn't have him ruin his life more. The guy opened some condoms and laid them around the floor. The next day we asked him how it went with his "girl" and he avoided the topic. He left before his "boy" woke up so we had to assume he woke up and thought the worst. We got his phone later and pretended to look up the phone number on facebook. We brought up the guys profile and made fun of him for hooking up with a dude for the next whole semester. We made up little jokes about him and told girls he was talking to about his experience. I'm pretty sure he transferred to another school the next year. I don't think he knew I planned that because he never confronted me about it, but I know he checks CollegeHumor everyday…Sorry RayGAY. Yeah, I set that up.
David P, George Mason

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