The Dyatlov Pass Accident – What if the Blair Witch Project was real? And Russian? And five thousand times more disturbing? And involving radiation, missing limbs, and a definite lack of tongues?

The Bloop – Aliens. Gotta be aliens. Or maybe underwater Bigfoot. Or Cloverfield monster. Or the Smoke Monster. Or…okay, it's probably just a giant squid fart.

Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter РFreaky aliens spook the hell outta a farmer. Reminds me of Signs, only without the twist that the aliens were dead the whole time and living in the 18th century with some evil plants.

Star Dust – Oh man. My constant was on that flight!

Boris Weisfeiler – He either drowned while trying to ford a four feet wide river (as an homage to The Oregon Trail) or was captured by a Nazi apocalyptic cult of child molesters. Chile sounds like a lovely country.

Montauk Project – The Montauk Monster is the tip of the iceberg. The crazy, conspiracy-laden, time-travelling, experimental iceberg.

Richard Rollins – He disappeared in the late 80's under mysterious circumstances. He was found last year, having appeared to not have aged a single day and having no memory of the intervening years.