Manager: Okay, so here's the line-up: Whose is on first…
Base Coach: Wait don't you mean "Who's" on first? You didn't need to say "is"
Manager: No, Whose is on first…
Base Coach: Wait, the name of the guy playing first is Who, that's how this is supposed to go, isn't it?
Manager: No, we traded Who to one of Tho's teams down in Texas.
Base Coach: Whose team?
Manager: Tho's!
Base Coach: But whose…
Manager: …is on first, I just told you that.
Base Coach: Alright, let me get this straight, the name of the guy playing first base is Whose?
Manager: Yes.
Base Coach: And the guy who used to play first was Who and he was traded to those guys down in Texas?
Manager: Yes.
Base Coach: Which team?
Manager: No, the Witches are in Denver.
Base Coach: Nevermind, just tell me who is the guy playing second?
Manager: I just told you Who got traded.
Base Coach: You know what I meant.
Manager: Oh right, There's the guy on second.
Base Coach: Where?
Manager: No, Ware is third. There's second.
Base Coach: Third is right there! You're a baseball manager and you don't even know where the bases are?!
Manager: What?
Base Coach: Just tell me the name of the guy playing shortstop.
Manager: I don't know.
Base Coach: So the name of the guy playing shortstop is I Don't Know?
Manager: No I really don't know the name of the guy playing shortstop, it's Johnson or Johannson or something like that.
Base Coach: You're not a very good manager are you?
Manager: Manager? I'm just the groundskeeper, the manager is over by There.
Base Coach: By where?
Groundskeeper: No, by There.

If you haven't seen the classic Abbott and Costello bit, watch it.