Ypres, Belgium – November 15, 1914

The Battle of Ypres rages as two German soldiers keep watch over the British trenches.

German Soldier 1:  My God, who would have thought soldiers would be reduced to this?  Sitting in trenches, firing these machined guns at each other.  There is little honor to be had here.  

German Soldier 2:
  Yes, yes.  But one must never forget we serve a higher purpose than ourselves: the great German fatherland.  If I die for Germany, I die with honor.

German Soldier 1:  Indeed, but if I must die for Germany, let it be by the blade, not some unseen bullet or bomb.

German Soldier 2:  We are fighting a different war than in times past, my friend.  A modern war.  World War I will be looked on as a turning point for military technology and deployment.  

German Soldier 1:  I cou…Now wait a minute, what did you call this war?

German Soldier 2:  …What did I say?

German Soldier 1: I believe you called this "World War I."

German Soldier 2:
Did I?  I meant to say 'The Great War,' of course.

German Soldier 1:
Ah, yes.  I thought you a fortune-telling gypsy for a second!

German Soldier 2:
If you were not my closest friend, I would have your ear for such a comment! 

German Soldier 1: Merely a joke, friend. World War I?  Ha!  As if anyone knows the future! Besides, this is the war to end all wars.  The Great War! 

German Soldier 2: The Greatest of Wars, so far!

German Soldier 1: Agr…Again, 'so far'?  Have you some plan, my friend? 

German Soldier 2: A plan?  Ha!  What use is planning in uncertain times? If I live through World War I, I will most likely return to my passion: pai…

German Soldier 1:
There!  You did it again!  You called it…

A Lieutenant approaches the soldiers' position.  

Lieutenant: Private Hitler, grab your weapon and report to command.  

German Soldier 2:  Well, it appears as if I'm needed.  

German Soldier 1:  Godspeed, friend.  Do Germany proud!

German Soldier 2:  My friend, I would never do anything to shame the Fatherland!  To arms!