Year:                 PhD Student
School:              Vanderbilt
Hometown:           Germany
Major:                     Chemical/Biomolecular Engineering and Cancer Biology


OK, since tis the season and all, which Olympian would you want to nail the most who's name does not end with "Phelps"? kinda threw me a curve ball there

Just fulfill my fantasy and say Stephanie Rice from Aussie swimming

how about Stephanie rice and Michael Phelps together?that's like hitting two fantasies of mine

And actually two of mine as well.  Speaking of, what have you always wanted to do knowing you could get away with it?

These are tough questions.

And I actually pull these out of my ass (Literally).

I'm not sure I'm ready for the CH masses to see how insane I am

Probably porn though.

If there were absolutely no repercussions

No social ramifications, no stds

And no sleeping with random guys either. 

Porn with my boyfriend.  I'm a bit of an exhibitionist.

Your weekly creepy PM's are going to go up 1000% now. 

You recently said "Anything on the internet with tits is a celebrity."  Since you're pretty much the golden sex symbol of CH, what's the strangest thing you've heard?

What do you mean, overall on CH or what someone's said to me directly?

On CH, and then go for the second one if ya like (i know how much of a sausage fest GT is)

Well, I "overhear" lots of strange things on CH.

There's always random hatemail for absolutely no reason, even though the person's liked every single one of your pictures.  That's always entertaining.  Oh and once this dude told me he'd like to fellate a cucumber while I watch.


I hit the delete button on that one very quickly

I also get regular hatemail, but that's because I enjoy it.  As a grad student, what do you do with your spare 9 minutes every week?

Drink,  tallk to matt on my webcam,  work out, and belly dance.  I lead a fairly boring life.  oh and I'm also a secret assassin for the government of Zimbabwe, but don't tell anyone that.

Your economy is doing awesome over there.

OK, now do you want to give a moment of silence for your fallen, half eaten lab mouse now from last month?

He would have wanted us to party. It's a New Orleans style funeral you know. He was creole.

Aside form the other awkward questions, I have one more awkward question to ask you: what are you studying?  I couldn't even find it lurking.

chemical/biomolecular engineering and cancer biology

Alright, now how the hell am I supposed to make a sexual innuendo with that?

You're a man, I'm sure you can find a way. Besides, engineers are sexy.

I have some potential melanoma I would like you to check out

pulls out wang

long silence

Well that was terrible.

I could excise the tumor, isolate the cells and grow it in mice. Now if that's not sexy, I don't know what is.

Zimbabwe's Coventry just barely lost Stephanie Rice for the Gold Medal, did you have anything to do with this?>!!!!!?!!1

If I told you I'd have to kill you.

You better pray she's a good kisser.

I don't believe in prayer.  I believe in experimentation

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