CH'ers, I am on a mission to bring you the best of thebest in all that is sports on a weekly basis. Enough chat, let's get to it!

1) First things first. i know you all have that feeling in the pit ofyou're stomachs. That's right, ONLY 2 WEEKS UNTIL COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!


2) Speaking of college football, hereare some rankingsto get you ready for the season.


3) USC is really itchingstory to get the season started.


4) Now on to the Olympics, the greatest sporting event ever.Chad Johnson doesn't think he's the best, he knows he's the best. So good in fact,he knows he can beat MichaelPhelps in swimming. I'm going to have to disagree, but, I would like to seeChad Johnson in the next summer games, competing in the 100m doggy paddle.


5) Actually if Ocho Cincodid win, the rest of the swimming world would be happy, or at least thisguy.


6) Olympic fever is spreading faster than malaria in an Africanrefugee camp. However, if notpsyched about the Olympics, and you're a red-blooded American dude, here'ssomething to look for while you're roommates, bar buddies, and everyone else inthe world, forceyou to watch the Olympics. Exhibit1- Tatiana Golovin: French Tennis, Exhibit2- Nicole Hudson Aussie Field Hockey, Exhibit3-Leryn Franco Paraguay Javalin , Exhibit4- Heather Mitts, USA Soccer. And that's just some of the lesser knownhotties. Thereare tons more!!    Heretoo!


7) Or, you could just getdrunk.