The Olympics are here, you guys! In case you missed it, I have some pics of the best Olympics moment so far. No, it's not the men's 4×100 relay where America came back at the very end to beat France and win the gold. It's when this weightlifting dude lost control of his barbell and his elbow snapped the wrong way! The Olympics rule! (DListed)

And twenty bucks says you just made one of these faces. Moving on? (Celebslam)

So remember that Indian guy from The 40 Year Old Virgin? Not the little funny one, the other one. Yeah, him. Well Sunday night he broke into his ex-girlfriend's house and, finding her there with another dude, grabbed a knife and stabbed her 20 times. No bigs. So yeah, what did you guys do last weekend? (WWTDD)

Rumors hit this week that we may have seen the last of parties at the Playboy mansion. Police have received numerous complaints about the late night noise from cranky elderly neighbors who sound suspiciously like Hugh Hefner. (WWTDD)

This week, China announced they are suing Sharon Stone over controversial comments she made earlier this year regarding the devastating Chinese earthquake (she said the Chinese had it coming because of their poor treatment of Tibetans). Their compensation request? One billion dollars. Spoiler alert, China: no. (Celebslam)

America's Next Top Model is desperately trying to amp up their ratings – the next season will feature a real life tranny as one of the contestants. Which means the bathing suit photo shoots are about to get infinity times more awkward. (WWTDD)

Who's Paz Vega? Anyone? All I know is that she's wearing a ridiculous thong in a ridiculous position. I guess that's enough. (Egotastic)

Some random chick came forward this week to reveal that Jamie Lynn Spears' baby daddy has been double dipping. I mean, come on dude. I don't care how pregnant your girlfriend is – if you're gonna cheat on her, at least show her the respect of doing it with someone cute. (DListed)

Hayden Panettiere was approached by a homeless man this week, and in response she asked if he had change for a twenty. She also offered him a few diamonds in exchange for his rubies, and offered to upgrade him from a queen size bed to a king.  Who says celebrities aren't generous. (Celebslam)

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up this week. Representatives from both genders responded with an enthusiastic 'meh'. (IDLYITW)

Paris Hilton is being sued for $75,000 for failing to successfully promote her 2006 bomb 'Pledge This.' The production company seems to be blaming the film's failure on this, forgetting for a second that they're the ones who hired a talentless mannequin to carry their movie. On the bright side, she's wearing a see-through dress. (IDLYITW, Hollywood Tuna)

Not so breaking news – Tom Cruise is weird. For his Tropic Thunder cameo, Tom came to the set with some unique ideas. One of those ideas? That his character should have 'big hands.'  You know, just the Schnozlaks from his favorite planet, Bloooooooooooooop 10. (DListed)

For this week's Still Got It, I was extremely tempted to honor Michael Moore. His ability to avoid any and all bodily shape is quite a feat. But in the spirit of the Olympics, I have to go with the American female gymnastic team. They've got mad skills, but damn. Those 10 year old human muscles with freak man thighs and negative boobs put the 'ick' in 'Olympics.' So congratulations, 'girls'! (Celebslam, IDLYITW)