Ok, so I have been into working out for a little while now and I am finally feeling confident and just plain good about myself while getting a good feel for pumping my guns, glutes and gastrocnemiuses. Anyway, I started to notice that I wasn't improving and gaining mondo masculinity and muscles the way I desired and I decided I needed to add something to my diet in a supplemental way. I decided to take…A Supplement.

But where to start, hmm. There are so many to chose from and it is very confusing for the amateur like myself. Some of the things I found were muscle gainers, fat losers (doesn't sound appealing), estrogen blockers, proteins, nitrous oxide (Turbo boost?) and many many more. There were even a whole bunch that were just banned in tons of countries but thanks to a lapse in legal mumbo jumbo they could offer it to only me for a special price.

I thought to myself, hey does the government know about these amazing advances in hyper-muscle science? and is it legal!? I was scared and a little high and I wasn't about to throw away my money on something that could be illegal. So I did some research of my own, heres what I found:

The first product I researched is a pump you up, kicking ass type of product. It sounds highly scientifical and super amazing and according to their reviews from real MEDICAL doctors it's also safe and effective. Here is really what this product will do for you and what the good Doctor had to say:

NICE, thanks for clearing up my confusion doctor! I can't wait to taste those Neuro -Amplifying Matrices! (Adds 3x to shopping card)

The next most amazing product I decided to research was the most amazing thing I've ever imagined. The headline that attracted me to it was "Your Freakiest Gains Ever Begin Right Now!" I said wow, I hope it just grows muscles, but another limb or penis would probably be worth the money. Here's what it does!!!: