Jay: Hey, Kev, did ya hear about this? Did ya hear about this? Apparently Britney Spears is thinking about building a mansion on a coral reef. Yeah, meanwhile Kevin Federline was unable to comment because he’s in a public restroom somewhere smoking a different kind of reef.
Kevin: Heh. Heh.
Jay: You know about that kinda reef, don’t ya Kev?
Kevin: Heh. Heh. Yeah. I smoke a lot of pot, Jay.
Jay: Now, according to a recent poll done by People magazine, most men prefer a little extra junk in the trunk. Yeah, unless your name is Kevin Eubanks in which case the junk comes standard supersized.
Kevin: Heh. I do like big booties, Jay.
Jay: America is getting so fat, Kev. You know they have a new kind of treadmill that has room to leave your snacks and drinks? How fat are we getting? That we need to eat even when we’re exercising?
Kevin: Heh. You so funny Jay!
Jay: Now, Kev. What do I hate? What do I hate more than anything else?
Kevin: Stupid criminals, Jay.
Jay: Stupid criminals! I hate stupid criminals, Kev. How’d you know, Kev?
Kevin: How’d I know? You tell me the same jokes every day while I sit here and smile and pretend I actually like my job.
Jay: What?
Kevin: You so funny Jay!