Michael Phelps is without a doubt, one of the most amazing men on the face of the earth. Between his broken records and 8 Olympic Gold medals, everyone knows about his greatness…but I did some digging, and discovered there are many other facts about Michael Phelps most of you may not know, here are the top 20.

Phelps Phacts

20. God complains constantly about creating Phelps. He repeats over and over again, "damnit, I forgot the dorsal fin!"

19. When the moon gets close the earth, the tide rises. When Phelps gets close to the ocean, the tide runs.

18. The tidal waves in Asia were caused by Phelps practicing…in the Atlantic.

17. Phelps gave Aquaman his powers out of pity.

16. Phelps is multilingual, he speaks English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and three dialects of Whale Song.

15. Jesus challenged that he could cross a lake before Phelps. He ran across the water and still lost.

14. Before being in the Olympics, Phelps worked for a Cruise Liner…he was outboard engine #3.

13. When Phelps sweats, it's chlorinated.

12. Phelps is the only word fish can say, they are just not allowed to by order 19 of the fish code…also written by Phelps

11. The Olympics were only created because Nostradamus predicted Phelps' coming.

10. Phelps actually swims faster while wearing 8 gold medals around his neck…this was the only way to get his full powers back.

9. Phelps consumes 12,000 calories for breakfast. It consists of three fried egg sandwiches, one five-egg omelet, bowl of grits, three slices of French toast, three pancakes, two cups of coffee, and 6 Chinese babies.

8. Phelps doesn't actually swim to victory, the water embraces him and carries him to the finish line.

7. When Phelps does a cannon ball, it doesn't splash.

6. Speedo actually makes their clothes from cloned sheets of Phelps' flesh.

5. Pro-surfer Kelly Slater rode on Phelps' back as he swam straight up a wall of water in a tsunami.

4. The United States is searching for water on Mars, in hopes that Phelps can swim us all there.

3. When Phelps' mom's water broke, none of it came out, doctors stated, "He wasn't done practicing."

2. When speedboats cruise through the ocean, dolphins swim next to them to ride their wakes. When Phelps swims in the ocean, speedboats ride his wake.

1. Chuck Norris raced Phelps, it was a tie, because Chuck Norris' muscles are made of stone and he had to run across the bottom.