The music world is home to many interesting and unique characters.  One such character is known as "Soulja Boy Tellem."  Best known for his song "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," Soulja Boy's first album also contains such smash hits as "Booty Meat," "Snap and Roll," and the harmonious and lyrical sensation, "Yahhh!," which is more commonly referred to as "Yahhh, Bitch, Yahh!"  Soulja Boy Tellem is most likely the best rap artist to come onto the music scene in all of hip-hop history. "Yahhh, Bitch, Yahh!" is a perfect example of Soulja's breakout talent and symphonious, sweet-sounding melodies.

Soulja Boy's video for "Yahhh!" begins with Soulja and his friend and fellow lyricist, Arab, playing Playstation at Soulja's house.  Soulja Boy's phone rings, and it is his father, loudly and unreasonably declaring that Soulja and Arab should be at school, rather than playing games at home.  To reply, Soulja simply and powerfully proclaims, "Yahhh!" into the phone and hangs up.  This demonstration of authority that Soulja Boy commands is an ineffable tribute to his influence on today's rap scene.  The video goes on, showing Soulja Boy being pestered by many of his adoring fans, who all seem to be middle-aged men.  Soulja Boy and Arab soon become annoyed with all of this adoration they are receiving, and are not pleased.  Soulja Boy then tells the viewers, "When a motherf**** be in your face, just on your nerves, talkin s***, and you just don't wanna hear it, just be like ˜yahhh, bitch, yahh!'"  Viewers can clearly tell by his video that Soulja Boy is sending a message to all of his two fans who might potentially harass him, "Leave me alone, let me get some peace, I'm sittin at the house and a n**** can't sleep.  Leave me alone ho, before I have to knock your ass out."  With all of the power and respect that this artist demands, he has every right to knock any adoring fan in the face for even thinking about talking to him.

By scanning the tags on Soulja Boy's album that graces the web pages of, it can clearly be seen that Soulja's fans love him just as much as he loves them.  With comments such as "horrible," "garbage," "terrible," and of course, "makes me wanna smash the radio," it is no wonder that Soulja Boy is constantly hassled by his many fans.  As one fan on states, "Hip Hop is dead and the undertaker is named Soulja Boy."  Soulja Boy's brilliance exudes all over the internet and radio, and it shows.  It is apparent that this mastermind of music, this poetic and brilliant artiste, will surely be on the rap and hip-hop scene for a long time to come, showering us with countless more intelligent and inspiring beats to get crunk to.