We've spent all summer forcing our interns to work on a few features on CollegeHumor and they're finally ready to be shown to the world! 

CollegeHumor's collection of the best and biggest web stars from the past ten years.  Each video is lovingly presented with background info, links to any press or media mentions (for term paper research) and as many tribute/remix videos as we could find.  We're launching with 70 entries but as more web celebs pop up online, the archive will grow and grow.  For now though, spend some time remembering what it was like the first time you saw Star Wars Kid, Numa Numa or Grape Lady. 

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Just as the Web Celeb Hall of Fame seeks to find and catalogue the best the Internet has to offer, the CollegeHumor Hall of Fame seeks to give you an easy way to find our best stuff.  We've got a full archive of our best pictures, videos, articles and hotlinks.  Again, we'll be adding more as time goes by so make sure to check back often. 

Not quite as new as the Web Celeb Hall of Fame or the Best of ColegeHumor, but the CollegeHumor store is there to get you the stuff you absolutely need to get through school.  I'm serious.  If you don't have an Octobong, you might as well just drop out now.  We'll be adding more posters and odd gifts in the weeks and months to come, too. 

We hope this stuff will hold you over till the next America's Hottest College Girl.  Welcome back, everyone.