Matt was my bro. We loved each other, almost as much as we loved quoting Family Guy. My world will not be the same without him. So, when I sat down to write my eulogy for my follow Delt, I thought what better place to draw inspiration that FG.

If we turn to episode 202, we remember the words of town pervert Glen Quagmire "Dear diary: Jackpot." This was of course, upon seeing Cindi, a cheerleader tied up in a locker room. And, I believe that is how we all felt when we met Matt: Jackpot. Can I get a "Giggity giggity?"

When I first heard of Matt's tragic death at our foam party, I cried out from the bottom of my soul, doing my best Cleveland voice, "Oh, that's nasty!" I had lost my best friend, and it certainly was nasty.

Losing Matt made me feel like God was pointing at me and laughing like this, "Hehehehehehe," the way Peter laughs in when misfortune falls upon a homeless man in episode 414. Excuse me for tearing up. Matt loved always loved that laugh. He also loved jokes about homeless people.

Yes, it will be hard for all of us to not wake up, get sad, and yell as Brian Griffin did in episode 408 when he saw the monkey in his bedroom, "Get out of my head!" No. We must keep thoughts of Matt IN our head, not out.

We must think of the wonderful life Matt led and celebrate that. As paraplegic cop Joe Swason would say, "Let's do it!" Let us celebrate his memory. Can I get a "Let's do it?"

As difficult as it may be, I want us all take a moment take a moment and think about Matt entering the pearly gates of heaven. I imagine him proclaiming in his best Stewie impression, "Victory is mine!" Yes, Matt. Victory is yours for all of eternity.

I know my bro is in a better place. Because no matter how drunk he was when dived into that child's inflatable pool and severed his spine, any dude who can quote Family Guy that well totally deserves to rock it out in the afterlife. I can only hope that in heaven there is a never-ending quick pop-cultural call-backs. And, you know, I bet there is. Giggity giggity.