Dry Cherrios: ORDER, ORDER I've called this meeting to discuss a very important matter.

Easy Mac: You always think what you've got to say is important, well I say your an arrogant punk.

Dry Cherrios: Easy mac, no need for hate. ‰ think we all need to discuss our new…. roommate…. Gin and Mountain Dew.

Cold Pizza: That freak isn't fooling anyone… We know he's an alcoholic.¼/div>

DC: Now don't call him a freak, alcoholism is a serious condition.

Red Bull: Why don't we kill the mother fucker.

DC: Calm down Red Bull, violence isn't always the answer.¼/div>

Easy Mac: Aw hell, I agree with Bully here, just send him back out like we did with that Mexican alcoholic.

DC: Tequila was much worse then Gin & Mountain Dew, I believe we can salvage him.

Cold Pizza: You know he was trying to pick up your girl… Snack Pak: Red Jello.

DC: That bastard….