Ethan: Beware East Carolina! They're making us all like Pirates again after that terrible third Pirates of the Carribean movie. Do they keep winning?

Amir: They're like the opposite of every powerhouse team: two difficult games at first then an easy conference schedule.'uestion, who do you like in the title game — ECU or USC?

Ethan: Tough call. ECU is 2-0 against teams with "Virginia" in their name, while USC is only 1-0. So I guess you're saying USC will definitely win this weekend?

Amir: By at least three touchdowns. Bet on it.

Ethan: You're putting a lot of stock into the scare against Ohio? That was an obvious trap game, and the Buckeyes didn't have their Heisman contender.

Amir: If excuses were sweater vests, you and Tressel would be in a heated competition right now.

Ethan:Can you even be a homer for a school you didn't attend? I guess I can't complain as long as you keep starting Matt Leinart on your fantasy team and yelling "Go Trojans!" whenever Kurt Warner gets sacked.

Amir: That's just because I hate Northern Iowa.

Ethan: I think USC will win, but not by three TDs. Do you think Washington will celebrate its TDs against Oklahoma? Will they even score any TDs to celebrate?

Amir: What an accurate interpretation of a terrible rule. How is throwing a football into the air excessive, but spiking it into the floor adequate? Just more pro-gravity propaganda from the NCAA!

Ethan: Is it wrong to hope that ref gets hit by a car? Because if so, a lot of people in Seattle probably have guilty consciences. Who's the next top 10 team to go down outside of the OSU-USC game?

Amir: LSU at Auburn. Inexperienced QB on the road in the SEC. You can't keep hiding behind your precious tropical storms Andrew Hatch!

Ethan: I kind of like Florida to go down at Tennessee next weekend, but I don't see anyone in the Top 10 losing this week. Also, thanks for not pointing out Wake needed a FG with three seconds left to beat Ole Miss. You're a pal.

Amir: O