Brain: Okay head, this girl is into us! Let's lean in for a kiss. Lips, pucker up. Tongue, get ready.

Tongue: Ready boss!

Weiner: Yeahhh!

Brain: Relax.

Brain: She's into it! Lips part, let tongue out. Tongue, do your thing.

Tongue: Woohoo!

Brain: Whoa wait, nothing crazy. Come on, go easy for once.

Weiner: F*ck yeah! You get her, boiii!

Brain: Shut up! Everyone calm down.

Weiner: I live for this! I LIVE FOR THIS!!!!

Brain: You need to control yourself!

Weiner: Aw yeah! I'm about to CUMMMM!!

Brain: WAIT! Don't- come on dude, she hasn't even touched you.

Hands: Can we go in yet, sir?

Brain: Hold on… just… one… GO!

Hands: Let's do this!!

Brain: Chill chill chill. Not too hard, remember the last girl. Don't squeeze the nipples, caress, CARESS!

Weiner: F**************CCCKKKKKK YES! I'm gonna CUMMMM!

Brain: Don't!

Weiner: She's coming for me! I can feel her fingers outside pants. She's coming!

Brain: Just. Be cool. Please.

Hands: Can we head to her pants?

Brain: Go for it, go slowly.

Hands: Yes!

Weiner: AAARRRGGHHHHHHH! Nuts, you guys ready?!

Nuts: F*ck yes! Let's blow this load!!!!

Brain: Baseball! Grandma's vagina!

Weiner: Stop it! I'm bout to NUTTTTTT.

Brain: Little sister's piano recital!

Weiner: There's nothing you can do! Her lips are about to touch me now.

Brain: F*ck! Please don't!