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Remember how it snowed all winter and all you guys in substance free dorm were super excited to construct a full sized igloo in the field outside your dorm? Then there was that part where you guys decided it would be cool to spend a night in your sweet little ice-fortress? Well some buddies and I thought it would be absolutely hilarious to block off the exit of the igloo with a giant snowball. I'm sorry we didn't realize that blocking the doorway would actually cut off your oxygen supply and end up causing one of you to have a panic attack. I don't care though, it was still the funniest thing ever to hear you guys scream for help as we ran away in glee. Oh, and remember how you complained to our RA about it and wanted him to find out who did it so he could write us up? He actually helped us roll that giant mother f*cking iceball into your igloo. It sucks when even authority is okay with picking on you.

Stew Allen, Gonzaga

We were on a college holiday in Ayai Napa and I had a grudge on this guy for the last year because he broke into my brother's office block and had a party, so it was payback time. We were in this big club and I had glow stick that I broke open and poured the glowing stuff in my hair (I was absolutely polluted with booze and it seemed a good idea) anyway, this guy came over to me and asks how I did that, I said that there were people going around selling it and I would get him some if I get the chance. So I ran back to the hotel and got this cream that completely dissolves hair on contact and I ran back to the club and handed it to him. He put a sh*t load on and I told him it was working. Lets just say, there was nothing like seeing him on the dance floor, running his hand through his hair and most of it coming off in his hand.
Anonymous, Dublin Business School

As new members of our fraternity my freshmen year, myself and a couple of my brothers decided to torment a sorority on campus which had a reputation for being mostly fat and annoying. We had it on good knowledge that one of the sorority apartments on campus (located on the 2nd floor) left their balcony sliding glass door unlocked at night. The day of the attack we had gone to our local pet store to stock up on supplies. That evening, around 4 am, we stealthily hoisted up one of my buddies so he could climb up and over the balcony. Then, ever so quietly, he opened the sliding glass door and set down a brown paper bag on the floor and opened it, releasing 100 field crickets into the apartment. Apparently, the next morning the girls awoke to an empty paper bag on their floor, and the annoying "chirp chirp" of 100 crickets who had hidden themselves around the apartment throughout the night. Weeks after I would still overhear "Damn Crickets!!"
Drew D., Albright College

This July, my friend Mike and I moved into a house on campus. We partied a lot together. One night we were planning a huge party, he suggested that I invite my sister Rachel and her friends. The night of the party I noticed him flirting quite a bit with Rachel. The next morning when I was leaving for work I noticed her car still down the street. I assumed that one of her friends had taken her home and left her car. Weeks had passed from that night. My other roommate and I were having one of those deep, drunk, conversations. He asked me how I felt about "Mike and Rachel". He soon came to tell me that they are dating! I asked Mike about this and he asked me if I was joking. I asked my sister and she confessed to everything. I was beyond pissed off. Mike has had 3 PAULA's, 2 OWI's, and a possession charge. He wasn't supposed to drink at all, so he was on some serious probation. I remembered that and made up a plan. The next night we went downtown, Iowa City. He was supposed to be the DD, but I insisted that I'd be the DD so he could drink. I kept giving him free shots. Towards bar closing time I went outside and made a phone call. When we were leaving the bar, Mike's probation officer "surprisingly" showed up and had him arrested for breaking his probation. 3 weeks later, and he's still in jail. Guy code rule #1: Never mess around with a friend's sister.
Herbie Hancock, University of Iowa

I had three roommates my sophomore and junior year in college, one of them having a bad temper and always wanting to "spite" people. One night, while we were drinking, we replaced his girlfriends phone number in his phone with one of ours and began to text him things like, "I think we need to talk," amongst other things. We kept making him worried that she was going to break up with him so he stormed up to his room and locked the door while threatening to hang himself from the ceiling fan(to spite his what he thought, ex g/f.) We talked him out of that, and soon after he had all his shit packed up, ready to move out the next day. He then tried to scale out the 2nd story window because we would not let him leave. Needless to say, he was even more mad when we told him it was us and that he had to unpack all his stuff the next morning in his hot room because he broke his ceiling fan.
Blake Riley, IU

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