Has your ball sack ever itched so bad that it felt like there was about 10,000 angry fire ants from the ant hill you just drunkenly and publicly pissed on all up in your bush? If you said yes then you probably found out the top 10 ways to scratch the shit out of them.

1.) Pinch and pull ( when you use two  fingers to lightly pinch the sack skin then start pulling , you  repeat rapidly)
2.) The solo finger( you take one finger postion it into a hook shape then place under sack and then scratch like crazy)
3.) The bear claw( shape the hand in a claw like postion then lower hand into sack region and go to town)
4.) The two finger sweep( take two fingers and  start sweeping the floor of your down stairs)
5.) Towel hammock wipe( take a towel grab each ends insert it between legs then start the the whipping)
6.) The cup then scratch( make hand into some what of a cup as if you were asking for change then grasp your sack and beging to itch the undercarriage)
7.) Ask your girlfriend (hoping it will lead to something else)(self exeplanatory)
8.) The rub down ( take the palm of your hand and give your sack the biggst nuggie of its life)
9.) The forbidden foreign object ( if itching continues and if all else fails grab anthing close to you that look somewhat safe to use grab and then began procedure)
10.) Lift, adjust and itch( do whats asked for)