Inspired by Clay Aiken's brave decision to publicly come out as a homosexual, other singers have followed by revealing shocking revelations about themselves that no one could have ever seen coming:

Stevie Wonder: "I'm blind."

P. Diddy: "I'm an African-American."

Ruben Studdard: "I'm overweight."

Michael Jackson: "I've had a little plastic surgery."

Tony Bennett: "I'm old as hell."

Sisqo: "I'm no longer popular."

Amy Winehouse: "I've taken drugs once or twice."

William Shatner: "I'm not really a singer."

David Bowie: "I'm a human being."

Chris Gaines: "I'm Garth Brooks."

Eminem: "I'm from Detroit."

Miley Cyrus: "I like merchandising my face and name."

Elvis Presley: "I'm dead." (via publicist)