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I had a roommate my sophomore year who suffered from a mild case of OCD. At first it was cool, because he always cleaned and did my laundry (it bothered him if it got too high in the basket). We had a good system (which he willingly proposed); I paid for the beer every weekend and he cleaned all week. However, one day I read an IM he left up on his computer telling his friend how he got fed up with they way things were working, so he started putting little pieces of meat in my food when I was out of the room (I'm a vegetarian). In retaliation, once a week, I pissed in the ice trays he used daily. I later found out the meat thing was a one time deal, but the piss continued until I moved out at the end of the Spring semester. Sorry Ryan…but not really.

Chuck Smitty, Penn State

My roommate tried to kill himself in freshman year (he thought that he was this girls boyfriend but she told him no). After that he started a diary. It was cool because when he went to class, the neighbors and I made some popcorn and read it. Lets just say he "opened up" in his diary and wrote what he stole from the other dorm rooms. Lets just say he doesn't have any friends from freshman year, and he had to get a new set of tires last day of school.
Chris Richardson, Bowling Green

A close friend and I wound up having to be room mates with a complete idiot. Idiots parents owned a wonderful house and let him rent it (we paid him). They gave him exclusive tickets to all of the OU athletic events and he would sell them rather than giving them to us (we had to suffer in the student section) or going to see the games. This guy would collect our rent and spend it on his crappy Corvette. He would walk into our rooms when we were with our girlfriends and eat our food claiming that he could just kick us out if we didn't like it. Once, all of the utilities were disconnected and my friend and I had to pay the whole thing and reconnection fees. We didn't know that he wasn't paying his parents the rent. Over the summer, he had to go for his two weeks of reserve duty, and we got a call from his parents screaming for their rent. We told them that we had been paying their kid and could show the cancelled checks to prove it. They told us that they were coming to town to talk to us the nxt week. We decided that no matter what happened, we needed to screw over the idiot, so we pulled the engine and transmission from his corvette, and completely disassembled both without draining the fluids in the middle of the living room. Then we placed gay porn in his room (we didn't have to trash it, it already was). When his parents got there, we explained that their kid was a complete nut job, ate our food, and kept threatening to kick us out of the house. We then took them on a guided tour of the house (our rooms were neat as a pin). His mother literally freaked out when she saw the disassembled car and fell to her knees when she saw the poster of two dudes in full contact on the wall of his bedroom. His parents apologized to us, His Dad wrote us each a check for six months rent and told us someone would be there to clean it up the next day. The next day, six guys show up, take all the parts out and tow the corvette, remove and replaced the carpet and Fedex delivers the remainder of the season's OU tickets (and Tickets to the donor tailgate partys) to us. The idiot calls us to pick him up after his military duty and his Dad greets him and has basically disowned him. We had to change our cell numbers because of the calls from this idiot and we've already moved out of the house but we have a nice place and great tickets to the rest of the games! I hear his parents won't talk to him and refuse all calls. I bet he has to eat his own cheetos now!
David McMilliam, OU

Freshmen year we had four of us living together in the same dorm room. Three of us got along together really well, except for Josh. He was a complete Douche. He ate our food and used all our stuff. This wasn't so bad, except for the fact that he thought he was the coolest guy in the world. I had never met such a conceited person, and what was worse, he liked to masturbate on the top bunk, while we were in the room. The three of us had had enough, so one Friday night, he comes into the room completely hammered and passes out on the bed. We completely stripped him down and with some heavy-duty epoxy resin, purchased at a local hardware store, glued one hand to his dick, and glued a dildo, borrowed from one of our female friends, to his other hand, which we put in his mouth, we then transported him down a flight of stairs to a sitting area in our building. The next day around noon, he was knocking on our door with the dildo that was still glued to his hand and with his other hand still firmly attached to his dick. We got a good laugh out of it as did most of our building. He never talked to us again, and he moved out about a week later.
Tim J, ISU

So freshman year my roommate and I lived across from another one of our friends, we'll call him "Captain Shirtless" because he never wears a a shirt when girls are brought up to the floor as to impress them with his body. Well he had never been laid and this chick from home was coming up for this Ball. She made comments to him through texts earlier that week about sex and sent him a topless photo (that he showed to everyone). We'll we always kidding with CS's roommate about using his webcam to video tape him and his girlfriend having sex. He would never let us watch. CS and his girl get all ready and leave for their date. And his roommate is hanging with us. Well, me and my roommate take the webcam and install it in an empty ice tea carton and stash it on CS's roommates desk. Nothing suspicious, just a carton of ice tea. Well we call my computer with the other kids computer and dim his screen so it looks like his computers off. We have the feed going for about 3 hour before CS comes back. They come in our room so we can meet her and she almost sees the feed on my computer. CS waits out in the hall while she changes and we watch her get naked before he even sees her. They go into the room and we (there are like 8 of us watching) watch them have sex. Doggy, her on top, missionary and a blow job. We were very impressed with how long CS lasted for his first time. Afterward, when she left, he came into our room and we started making comments about the sex, hinting at certain details that one would only know if they were there. He started to understand when we came out and told him we watched. It's been a running joke for about 2 years and it hasn't gotten old. Oh yeah, and he snowballed the chick.
JD McNugent, School Not Given

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