Recently I got the chance to interview the super sweet, super nice and super hot Big 10 Playboy girl Jamie Graham, a 21-year-old senior and Marketing major at Ohio State. We chatted it up on the phone for a bit, then after I thought she was getting a tad bit too into me, I just had to end it. On my terms.

Do your parents have any idea you posed in Playboy naked for the Big10 issue?
Umm…my mom does and I'm telling my dad tonight. I'm actually calling my dad after this interview to tell him.

Oh man, you're just telling him now? The magazine's already out. He can't possibly do anything, right? He just has to accept it.
Yeah, well it was my decision to be in it so he would have to accept it then too.

Were you nervous at all that maybe one of his friends at work gets Playboy? Or maybe your weird creepy neighbor?
Umm, yeah, but… I don't know. I wasn't that nervous.

How did they go about finding you gals?
Well, they actually put an ad in our school newspaper and I saw it and it was kind of a spur of the moment thing, so I just went and they just test you and they called me back that day to come do the photo shoot.

Did they give you preliminary questions because I noticed some girls show a lot more than others? Some of the bigger wussies don't even take their tops off or their underwear.
You could actually do whatever you were comfortable with. If you were uncomfortable with doing something like taking your bottom off you didn't have to.

So you were just cool with everything?
Yeah, but I made sure everything was the way I wanted. I didn't want my… umm…

Yeah, vagina I guess. I didn't want that showing but I wasn't like… I didn't care about taking it off as long as I didn't show anything because some girls you can see everything.

There are two other Ohio State girls, is that right?
Yeah, there's two.

Do you know them?
I know Marie.

How much do you hate her? Work on a scale of 1-10.
(laughing) No, no I like her a lot. We've done a bunch of promo stuff together.

Did you get paid for the shoot?
Yes, we did.

Do you mind if I ask how much?
I'm not really allowed to say, but they took really good care of us.

Did they also tell you to say "they took really good care of us" if someone asks?
(laughing) Can't say.

Is it weird that I have the magazine open right now and I'm looking at the naked picture of you, as we talk?
Nope, it's fine.

Okay, maybe I'll send you a naked one of me and the editorial team so we're kind of… I don't know… Like on the same page.
Yeah, just so it's equal.

Not literally the same page of course. I know you share pg. 109 with Nikki Christine from Purdue, Maria Vargas from Northwestern, and Julia Francis from Illionis.
You can close the magazine now.

It was closed.
(laughing) Oh.

Has a guy ever dumped you in the past?

Damn. Well, no, I mean good for you, but I just wanted him to feel that much worse now. Maybe you were a little geeky in elementary school and had glasses or a back brace or something, then you came to college and bloomed! But I guess you were always hot so it doesn't really matter.

College is crazy right?!?

Like, really crazy?
Umm… like how so?

Like, crazy enough to kiss a girl?
(laughing) Yes.

Cool, cool, cool. Go on.
That's it! (laughing)

Fine. We all appreciate your honesty. Now, what's your address so I can send the naked photo of us?