Delphine LaLaurie - Did you know that being a slave sorta sucked? Getting whipped, forced to work all day in horrific conditions, housed poorly, etc. Well, those slaves had it easy compared to the slaves that this woman owned. They were tortured, experimented upon, and generally murdered in the most horrific ways possible. How horrific? Check out her basement, you'll see.

The Hi-Fi Murders – Note to self: never go to a hi-fi shop again. Also, figure out what "hi-fi" means.

Unit 731 – Japan has committed worse crimes to humanity beyond anime. No, seriously. Okay, maybe anime is worse. At least they make videogames and sushi to try to make up for it.

Marvin Heemeyer
– Marvin fought City Hall. And won. Assuming "knocking it down as well as 12 other buildings by using an armored bulldozer" is winning. Which it totally is.

Boston Molasses Disaster – Molasses is like a beautiful fat woman with Ebola: sweet and slow-moving but deadly and sticky.

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
– Ever worry about some nutjob pouring gas into your house for absolutely no reason? Maybe you should start. Or maybe you should just watch out for people who fart too much.