In August I asked you guys to send in your own office pranks to MyOfficePranks(at) A bunch of you submitted awesome entries, here are the 5 I picked.

While our boss was on vacation for a week, a coworker and I decided to cover almost his entire office in foil. We even covered his desktop waterfall, calculator, inbox and pens… the best part was the door that we covered the inside of and everytime it would open or close, there was a little scraping sound from the excess foil… it drove him crazy.

One of the things we do to all the new hires is wait until they leave their computer, jump on their Outlook, and then type an e-mail to the group, so it looks like it is from them. Everyone knows it's a joke, so we even send it to the managers. So, this new kid started, and when he left his desk for a while, I sent out an e-mail from his Outlook to everyone saying, "I'm not feeling very well I think it was the Sushi I ate for lunch. If anyone needs me, you can find me in the bathroom. I'll probably be there for the rest of the day." With everyone playing along, we all wrote back some funny e-mails for him to read when he got back to his desk, mostly along the lines of that being really nasty, and he should keep it to himself next time. Well, the kid flipped out, started cursing at all of us, and wouldn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day. The next day, when he had finally calmed down, he confessed to us that he had IBS (irritable bowl syndrome) and actually was in the bathroom. We couldn't help but to laugh right in his face. To this day, he makes sure to lock his computer every time he leaves his desk.

Two of us went into every computer at the place we worked and changed the MS Entourage auto-correct so anytime someone typed the name of our company in their emails, including in email signatures, it would automatically change it to "Christie's Cabaret," which is a famous strip club in Phoenix. Who checks their email signature every time they write one? That would defeat the purpose of the signature. That was a fun day watching everyone try to explain to the boss exactly why they were telling clients we worked at a nudie bar.

As a highschooler I was interning for a local company in the IT department which consisted of me and my boss. I shared an office with an older lady who like most older people doesn't do to well with computers, which meant that I was constantly being bothered with very simple issues. This taking away from my Facebooking and making me work I felt that I should make her job a little harder too, so one day I decided that I would plug a wireless mouse into her computer and keep the mouse under my desk where through out the day I would kick it around under my desk. She had no idea what was going on and would always call me over to ask why her computer would do that. When I would come over I would stand there and pretty much make her look and feel crazy. It lasted for only one day because I was forced to change her mouse with another one about three or four times.
Chris K.

I work at our school library. One of the computer geeks on our staff realized that there was a blank screen on our security monitor, linked to a camera we can't see. He then saw an instruction booklet for a "hidden clock camera" on the bosses desk. All of this led us to the conclusion that there is a hidden camera in the new office clock. I often go to the gym before work, and now, instead of changing in the bathroom, I purposefully change in front of the clock shake my ass and junk around as much as possible. The best part is, the bosses can't say shit to me about it, without giving away the fact that they spy on us.

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