Hi, I'm Theo Hall and this semester I decided to study abroad at the famous St Andrews University in Scotland. I know what you're thinking, "why aren't you off playing golf at the Old Course right now?" Funny.

Anyway, Things here in Scotland are crazy different than the United States. My first issue, or should I say problem with this place isn't the rain, or the ten miles you walk every day, it is about "Ketchup." You may believe that when you go to another english speaking country that many things will be the same. For example "You want fries with that?" becomes, "you want chips with that?" I can deal with this, but when I found out you have to pay for Ketchup packets I almost lost it.

Think about this for a minute: There you are in the drive-thru for McDonalds and politely ask for some ketchup. What happens next? They grab handfuls of that Heinz and throw it at you. Here in Scotland, Ketchup is rationed like precious food after WW1. 35 pence for some ketchup and thats not even the bad part. US Dollars are worth about half of the British Pound. So basically I'm paying for the equivalent of a small drink in the US just to dip my fries or should I say "chips" in some red gold.

I've thought about starting a black market for ketchup here at school. Even in the dining halls you are alotted 2 small packets of ketchup per meal and they hide the stuff behind the register so you actually have to ask for it. WHO DOES THAT?

Anyway, I can't argue too much with this country because the legal age here is 18 and they sure do love their Jack Daniel's. I'll be back next week with Studying Abroad- Issue 2: American Girls vs. The World.

Until next time, live the American dream for me while I'm out searching for Hershey's Syrup.

-Theo Hall