Last Week on Heroes: Tracy found out she and Nikki were made by a German doctor, Hiro and Ando continued their wacky hijinks and brought the world a little closer to Armageddon, Sylar and Noah partnered up to take care of some villains, Claire shocked viewers everywhere by getting angsty and rebellious, and Peter went with his future-self to see how much the future sucks.

This Week on Heroes:
Let's start with the present: Tracy finds out that she was part of three triplets: Nikki, Tracy, and Barbara, and the German doctor gave them all powers. Also, he erased Jessica from Heroes continuity. Tracy's feelin' mighty guilty about freezin' the reporter, so she tries to kill herself, but Nathan swoops in just in time to save her (on the advice of Ghost-Linderman). Mohinder is still cribbing plot-points from "The Fly" and gets super-mean to Maya and his neighbor, all while watching his skin get all gooey. Hiro and Ando argue while stuck in their Company cell, until Angela tells them to fix their epic fail of letting Daphne get both parts of the formula…by using "the key." And Matt is still listening to AfricanIsaac's future mixtape…

Which brings us to the future.

FuturePeter brings PresentPeter to the future, landing on a FuturePuddle. Everything's pretty much the same, except businessmen fly everwhere and there's an Evil Justice League formed by Claire, Knox, and Daphne. FuturePeter is just as stupid as PresentPeter and manages to get killed by Claire via a bullet to the brain. Seriously. FuturePeter, who must have at least a billion powers by now, gets shot by Claire. FuturePeter managed to tell PresentPeter that getting Sylar's power was "the key." He finds from FutureMohinder (who is totally a giant cockroach) that Sylar is chillin' in Costa Verde. Sylar is a mild-mannered daddy, living in the Bennett household now. He wears glasses, makes waffles for Sylar Jr. (AKA Noah) and loves Mr. Muggles. He informs Peter that they're brothers and Peter tells him that he wants Sylar's power. He doesn't have it just by standing by him? The writers bust out the plot-shovel and dig themselves another plot-hole. Sylar doesn't wanna give Peter his power or else Peter will get "the hunger." For brains? Nah. Probably waffles.

FutureDaphne is married to FutureMatt and  they take care of FutureMolly and another daughter. FutureNathan is president (for real this time) and married to FutureTracy. The Evil Justice League tracks Peter down to Sylar's place and Knox kills Sylar Jr. Sylar lets him do this by not using a single one of his powers and Peter forgets he can stop time. They truly are brothers. Sylar gets mighty pissed and explodes himself in a nuclear blast. Sound like season one much?

Peter and Claire get out, and Peter tries to eat Nathan's brain before running off. Daphne returns to Matt, dying from the blast, and now we know for sure she's the dead blonde chick he's cradling in the paintings. Matt wakes up from his future dream and starts following a turtle (who will most likely lead him to a space coyote). Peter returns to the present to confront Sylar about his newfound hunger for waffles. So…the future sucks, nuclear blast, gotta stop it…yawwwwn. I think we've seen this before. Maybe we're all seeing the future of this show and we have to stop the writers from repeating themselves?

Oh, and Hiro steals that plot-shovel and puts it to good use. He digs up Adam Monroe.

Badass Moments:

-Adam Monroe awakes!

-MohinderRoach was creeeeepy as hell.

-Everything Sylar-related, as usual.

Bad, Ass Moments:

-Claire apparently has no clue what it feels like to be blown up by a nuclear blast.
Or that the fact Sylar blew up was entirely her fault.

-I hate the writers giving Peter all of these powers and then refusing to let him use any of them. He can stop time and has telekenesis, but refuses to use either when he should.

Next Time On Heroes:
Angela gets surprised by someone's return! That someone is reeeeeeally obvious! It's definitely going to be Micah. I can feel it.