Do your parents not understand technology? Dothey ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages?Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

I bought a couple tickets on Ebay for a pre-season NFL game. They were E-tickets, so when I paid for them the "new at this" guy emailed me tickets to the wrong game. He then promptly noticed his mistake and e-mailed me frantically, asking me to please send that file back to him so he could send it to the correct person. I did.
Amber Higginbotham

My mother bought a Mp3 player and she asked me to put songs on it. I asked her what type of songs she wanted. She said the internet would know.
Aldo Mora

Last year, my dad accidentally grabbed my phone instead of his before he left for work. After school, I got the phone back from him and I realized that even though he has become familiar with cell phones, he has never encountered T-9, considering my phone had the following four text message drafts: "Thigh", "Thighigh", "Thighighighig", "Thighighighighigh" At dinner, he apologetically confessed to me that my phone is broken and he thinks he did it.
Austin Erickson

Despite not owning a console made by Nintendo for many years, my parents still ask if I'm playing the "no-friend-do."
mark dickenson

My mom wanted me to make her a CD, so she asked me if I could get her some music from the "Music Internet." I told her "Music Internet" was the same as "Email Internet," but she didn't believe me.
Gabe S, Kirkwood

My dad sends me text messages, but not from his cell phone. He goes onto the sprint web site and sends texts to my phone from his computer. I asked him one day why he doesn't use his phone. He said he didn't know he could, he said he thought the purpose was to not use email.
Sammie Spears, University of Kentucky

My grandmother doesn't know how to find Solitaire on her computer.
Ethan Brewer

My aunt called my mom to ask her what 'LOL' stands for. I believe she thought it meant 'looking on-line'.
Nat K, Ohio State

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