As reported here on CollegeHumor by the lovely Sarah Schneider, Kurt Cobain's ashes were stolen earlier this summer. Ms. Schneider went on to say, in a great homage to Norm MacDonald, "In other news, someone out there is officially crazier than Courtney Love."

It turns out we now know who that peson is — German "artist" Natascha Stellmach who "claims to have acquired the Nirvana frontman's cremated remains and will smoke them in a joint as part of her exhibition."

I can see her now… after sparking up and taking her first hit, she turns to her tightly-clothed kraut art cronies and smiles, full of herself, blowing out a thin stream of Cobain while saying: "smells like teen spirit".

If this bitch had any integrity, she would at least shoot them up. Natascha Stellmach can eat a bag.