Ethan:Do you have Phillies fever yet? Or would you rather make a joke about giving me a Derek Lowe-botomy?

Amir:You know I bleed Dodger Blue. It's actually a very painful disease. Do you have a primary care physician you can recommend?

Ethan:Not who's in your HMO's network. You really like the Dodgers' chances better in that series? At the moment, Manny's probably the best hitter on the field, but the Phils have homefield and Jamie Moyer's inimitable ability to bore opposing batters with stories about what it was like during the last Depression. "Then I traded that mule for my changeup. I did. Then I traded that mule for a can of lima beans."

Amir:I don't know much about baseball, but its safe to say homefield advantage means a little less than nothing. Then again, I know you bleed Philadelphia Red. That's a lot healthier than me.

Ethan:I think it could mean something in this series since the two parks are so different. Also, have you been to Philly lately? They're so desperate for a title that they got excited about an Arena Football championship. They'll get excited. Are you surprised the Cubs lost?

Amir:I don't know if that question has ever been asked sincerely.

Ethan:I can't walk down a street in Chicago without seeing someone hanging himself with an "It's Gonna Happen" t-shirt. If the "it" in question is "regretting we gave Alfonso Soriano a gigantic contract by the end of the 2010 season," yes, it is! Raise the white "W" flag! Since you're the king of all things L.A., what the hell happened to the Angels? How did they lose a series where Vlad and Tex absolutely murdered the ball?

Amir:I'm from Los Angeles, not Los Angeles of Anaheim, so I don't have that much insight. So I'll say… pitching. No wait — hitting. No wait— specifically that idiotic suicide squeeze attempt in Game 4.