It's been an entire week since your last confession and there's been a lot of good, solid sinning going on across the country. Check out the top 5 and don't forget to submit your misdeeds here.

Jeff, I know you check this site out everyday. Stop eating my cupcakes, maybe my toenail clippings I put in them Tuesday will stop you. Cupcakes are expensive.

Aldo Mora, School Not Given

Last year I lived in an apartment building off campus and on our floor there were a lot of other college students. Most of them were pretty cool but there was this one chick that just got on everyone's nerves. She was fat and so full of herself and got drunk with her fat friends and wandered the halls all the time. So one day while my friend and I were at a book store reading magazines we pulled out the little subscription cards from about 20 different magazines, filled them out to her address, and then checked "Bill me later". Well, she ended up being responsible for every one of those subscriptions (which totaled somewhere around $700, last that I heard). Still, it never failed to make me laugh out loud when I came home to see her monthly copy of "Quilting now magazine" sitting by her door. Fat b*tch.
Liz, School Not Given

I knew my roommate from home but he turned on me when he joined his frat and got his drunken frat friends to beat me up. I had been planning for months to get even. After the term ended, I found out his dad was inviting his old prison buddies over that were extremely homophobic. I knew my roommate wouldn't be there that night because he hates them, so I called his parents and told them that he had forgotten some stuff in the dorm after he left and that I could come that evening to bring them back. I brought over some junk, and conveniently placed some gay porn in his room, then set the alarm for 9pm so someone would have to go in and turn it off. Long story short, his dad found the magazine, and he got a beating when he got home, and not just from his dad.
S W, University of Alabama

My friend was throwing a party at his place one night. After he was pretty drunk I snuck into his room and spread a thin layer of that cheese powder from the easy-mac all over his bed. Afterward, I went back to enjoy the rest of the party. He gets shit faced and passes out early (like he always did) when the party was over, and everyone was leaving, I cranked the heat up as high as it would go. The next morning he woke up in a pool of cheese sauce made from his own sweat. It took months for his house to smell halfway decent again.
Michael Turner, School Not Given

My roommate is a total douche. We share a bathroom and he shaves his pubes in the sink and doesn't clean it up, ever. He also has a pet catfish in this 100 gallon tank who he loves to death (his favorite food is also catfish, ironic huh?) This dumb fish always splashes water onto the floor, getting my socks wet every time I walk by, and my roommate refuses to put a better lid on it. I walked in on him sleeping with my girlfriend, that was the last straw. I cook dinner sometimes and he comes home and eats it. So I took his catfish out and fried it up, and mixed his pubes from the previous morning in it. I left it sitting there for him and he ate it all up. Suck it easy, Phil.
Robert Kay, University of TN, Knoxville

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