Dom's girlfriend has a lot of nerve. Did you see the way she peeled out of the driveway after finding out he'd been arrested? There's no way she had time to buckle the baby's car seat. And Dom's the bad influence? For shame.

After Vince and E bailed out Dom for his OJ-style police chase, I was positive he was going to run. In what I should have seen as an obvious trick to build dramatic tension, I was completely fooled when a car started as soon as Dom walked away from the table. It's hard to trust Vince's opinion on anything since he is ALWAYS so positive. I was so ready for him to be wrong again. I guess someday I'm gonna have to forgive him for trusting Billy Walsh. Someday….

While E and Vince are dealing with Dom's family troubles, Ari is trying to hustle Alan Gray at golf. He's hoping that he'll be able to gamble Vince into "Smoke Jumpers." But much to his chagrin, Alan's been practicing with golf pro Phil Mickelson and thoroughly trounces him. Then when Gray is gloating and yelling at Ari, he ends up dying of a heart attack. Heart attacks on TV are always so much more exciting than real life. Cardiac arrest is such a common way to die, but I don't know how often people suffer from it while yelling. I think you have a better chance of having one while pooping. I base this on nothing.

Turtle being Drama's assistant was pretty awesome. Drama was about as difficult to deal with as could be expected. His best demand had to be when he wanted a bowl of cereal with raisins, BUT they had to be Raisin Bran raisins. Turtle even gets yelled at for having a girl waiting for Drama in his trailer. The little guy eventually gets pissed off enough to leave Drama at the set, prompting Drama to walk 9 miles home "out of principle."

So now with Alan Gray dead, the future of "Smoke Jumpers" is up in the air. While it seems like it could give Vince a better chance of landing a part in the movie, I don't know that it necessarily guarantees it. Vince being a part of Charlie's pitch meeting was definitely not an accident. It's possible that the two of them could be involved in a project together. Besides, "Smoke Jumpers" kinda sounds like it was getting too Hollywood and would end up being ruined. If Vince does two shitty movies in a row, his career is probably over. But I guess crappy action movies don't necessarily mean poor box office performance. In fact, they're known for doing pretty much the opposite.