Name:  Ashley Marie

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

School: Central Michigan

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Major: Communications

Favorite Drink: A large glass of Pinot Grigio please!….gotta keep it classy!

How would you advise a guy to go about trying to get with you:  Be genuine, if you’re honestly interested in me and not some specific body part then I’ll definitely give you a chance. 

What would you advise him not to do/say:  Come up to me and start the most awkwardly boring conversation, I’m going to walk away. Say something extremely cheesy or non-original, I’ll quickly put you in your place!

Do you have a boyfriend: It’s complicated

Can you describe to me the ideal kissing technique: I’m a fan of sensual kissing, keep it slow and smooth with a little tongue…… just because you have a tongue doesn’t mean you have to use it constantly!

What’s your most embarrassing college moment:  After some crazy dancing on the caged platform at Mt. Pleasants Wayside, I had the fabulous idea to use one of the poles to provocatively  slide down onto the dance floor fireman style, but apparently there’s no friction between smooth metal poles and sweaty hands (eww I know) so I ended up smacking my thigh on the edge of the platform and was crippled for 5 mins while my leg turned black and blue!

Do you prefer to cuddle, snuggle, nuzzle or spoon (After I rock your world) I heart spooning

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