It may seem appalling to those not familiar with the voting system for American Idol but the current structure provides no security check to ensure that the voter is an American citizen. In fact, a voter can not only be a non-citizen resident of this country, they can be an illegal alien! There is a very key word in the show title- ˜American.' It's not ˜Mexican Idol' and it surely isn't ˜Chinese Idol.' There is a second key word in the title- ˜Idol.' The chosen victor should represent someone who is idolized by the God-fearing, hard working people of this fair nation. The United States of America.

This glitch has clearly had an influence on the previous winners of the show. Ruben Studdard is described as an Alabama native, but it may surprise readers that Alabama's favorite son was actually born in Frankfurt, Germany! More like ˜Nazi Idol.' It would not be out of line to suspect that his success on the show was greatly influenced by the illegal German aliens living in America, stealing American jobs, eating our food, and now choosing who we must idolize in the field of vocal abilities. The founders of this great nation did not create the constitution so that it could be desecrated by foreigners. The honorable men and women serving in the armed forces and protecting our way of life are risking their lives to preserve the integrity of various aspects of our society, including the freedom to choose our idol. The idea that those without citizenship or any legal rights to be here can vote for American Idol removes any value from the citizenship that the rest of us hold dear. Our citizenship is rendered worthless if it allows us no advantage to elect whom we most feel has the voice, the look, and that special something else which we feel is most deserving of the admiration of America.

These people have broken the law and now we are allowing them to participate in our pop culture elections. It is a disgrace to our way of life and the entire concept of democracy. This is complete lawlessness. Without checking documentation, we could be letting Al-Qaeda through the phone lines and giving them the option to select an Islamofascist pop vocalist for the American public to revere. I sincerely hope this is simply an egregious mistake and not an outright siding with the Terrorists.

I tried to give Fox the benefit of the doubt and assumed this was merely an act of negligence and not outright Anti-Americanism and wrote the following letter:

Sent: Wed 2/27/08 4:23 PM

To Whom It May Concern,
As a citizen of this great nation it concerns me that there are no security measures in place to ensure that only American Citizens are given the right to vote for THEIR Idol. I don't know if this must have been an overlooked issue as creating and maintaining a voting system can be an arduous task but I hope you have not become overwhelmed to the point where the security of our country's opinions are placed in jeopardy. Now that I have brought this to your attention, I would like to inquire the security measures which you plan on implementing so that this situation is resolved.
Thank You For Your Time,
A Concerned American

Unfortunately I was mistaken. Fox seemed to show as little regard for my email as they do for the American spirit. If I ever do receive a reply, it will more than likely be written in Spanish or Hindi and I won't be able to read it anyway. Fox clearly has no plans to beef up security and protect our way of life.