Forget the hangover. There are so many other types nights to recover from…and we all owe it to our friends and co-workers to be as specific as possible about why we are being grumpy and unproductive.

Presenting: my inventions for '08 and beyond. Please use them. I hope you have reason to…

We'll start with the best one:

BANGOVER: the tired, sometimes achy, often giddy, likely shame-ridden, feeling after a night of well, you know…

DANGOVER: all of the above, but with more pride and bravado.

NANGOVER: Oh, don't you wish…

Other Options:
TANGOVER: Too. Many. Astronauts.

FANGOVER: well, you're a vampire now. Hope it was worth it.

GANGOVER: the morning after you got "initiated."

MANGOVER: bonin' in the tropics.

YANGOVER: he got his, where was yours?

KRANGOVER: recovering an evening that's Bee-bop and Rocksteady.