Cpt. Hogard: Rascal 6 and 7, I need you for this attack run. Prepare to enter V formation. Equip proton torpedoes.

Sisserfina: I'm suffering heavy fire! My rear deflector shield is breaking up!

Cpt. Hogard: Take evasive action. Rascal 7, can you cover her?

Lt. Dave
: I'm sure she'll be fine. Her deflector shield is probably just "on a break," it should be getting back together any day now.

Sisserfina: Dave, this isn't the time!

Cpt. Hogard: Fine, I'll do it then. shoots Take that Garflonians!

Sisserfina: Nice shot babe!

Lt. Dave: Babe!?

: Bogey coming in at 3 o'clock.

Cpt. Hogard
: The fleet can't handle their artillery!

Sisserfina: Maybe we should retreat?

Lt. Dave
: Yeah, let's just break it off. Even though this attack run has been with you for three years and has an excellent retirement plan.

Cpt. Hogard
: We have to make a stand. If the Garflonians take the base, all this bloodshed will have been for nothing.

Lt. Dave: My HERO.

Cpt. Hogard: Lieutenant, this is serious! We MUST unite against the enemy.

Lt. Dave: My definition of enemy includes guys who bone my girlfriend.

: Dave!

Cpt. Hogard
: Oh God, they're everywhere. An entire squadron just ambushed us!

: There're too many. They've got a lock on you!

Cpt. Hogard: Pray for the Alliance, Sisserfina. Tell Palmus to lead the fleet.

Sisserfina: Hogard, NO!

Cpt. Hogard
: Goodbye, my Crystallian princess. I love you. explodes

Sisserfina: Hogard…

Lt. Dave
: Cry about it, slut.