Ready? You're in St Andrews Scotland, picture yourself walking down a cobblestone street, next to the oldest golf course in the world, filled with little old ladies walking to church and hundred year old buildings everywhere. People are quietly shuffling along when out of nowhere you hear "TI- Whatever you like" blaring from a girls ipod as she runs past you in her leggings and north face pullover.

What just happened you might ask? A little thing I like to call AMERICA. (pronounced like A-MUR-KA). No matter where you go you'll find the "classic" American girl in this town. They might as well have flashing signs above their heads saying, "don't mess with this girl right now, she hasn't had her starbucks yet today." Like I said already, these chicks are usually spotted running, wearing north faces or in line at starbucks, but they also can be seen doing various other things. Like…

1. Eating at Subway, because I mean If Jared can lose all that weight they can too right?

2. Dancing alone with their friends on the dance floor to Michael Jackson or Madonna.

3. Sitting crowded around a computer screen in someones room crying watching Grey's anatomy.

4. At the gym on the treadmills because it got too cold for their northface here in Scotland and the Subway diet here just isn't enough.

5. Drooling over English accents… I still don't understand this one? Why is it that if a guy says, "Ah, Cheers. Would you fancy some tea this evening? It will be rather lovely," that girls American girls automatically melt? 

Any way, that was only a few examples of where you might find them. Can you think of more? (you better post some good ones). I'm gonna go watch some good ol American Football and work on my accent. I'll be back next week with more.

-Theo Hall

ps. you know what else lets you pick out an American girl in the crowd?… She's the best looking one there. (except for the Swedish girls of course)