Last Week On Heroes: Mohinder cocooned Maya at the request of the audience, Claire made friends with a vortex-creatin' villain and got pissed at Noah for putting him in an ethical dilemma, Nathan and Tracy found out they were experiments, Daphne began recruiting a League of Villains for Maury Parkman, Maury was working for undead Papa Petrelli, and Hiro killed Ando. For real.

This Week On Heroes: …or not. Duh. Hiro went back in time and fake-killed Ando to con his way in with the villains. It works and Daphne gives him his first assignment: bring in AfricanIsaac. This proves difficult, because AfricanIsaac has already painted exactly how he's going to beat Hiro's skull in all over Africa. Hiro and Ando decide to hide behind a rock to trap AfricanIsaac (Hiro actually calls him "Mr. African Isaac"), because he can't predict the future if they don't use Hiro's power, I guess. Honestly, I would have been fine with watching him repeatedly knocking out Hiro as he goes back further and further in time to try to catch him off guard while Ando makes off-color, vaguely racist remarks.

Adam Monroe, meanwhile, gets brought to Papa Petrelli. Who sucks the life out of him. So Papa Petrelli's power is to suck. Hmmm, I always thought that was Micah's power. Actually, it's pretty cool, and this is a death that looks like it should stick, unless Adam's dust comes back to life. Which wouldn't be unheard of. Speaking of sucking, Claire tries her damndest to bring this episode down like the dead weight that she is by going after The Puppet Rapist…I mean, Master…with ANOTHER TASER! Yes, Claire, because that worked so well last time. Mama Bennett goes along, for some reason, and after a puppet-y game of Russian Roulette, The Puppet Master is no more. Noah, who is somehow not able to find the villains as quickly as Claire and her trusty taser, decides he might as well team up with Fire Mama.

Sylar gets a visit in Level 5 from Daphne, who gives him a Pinehurst business card and runs off with the Blue Flamer. So Level 5 doesn't have locks on their doors? Suddenly I am not surprised that so many villains were able to escape. Sylar tells Brother Peter that their shared mother is in a coma and they have to figure out how to save her. Peter isn't too pleased with Sylar though, for giving him the hunger (not for waffles), even though Peter made FutureSylar give it to him and he could feed that hunger really easily by standing next to people. But I digress. Peter and Sylar have a mini-throwdown (which seems to be pretty equivalent to their "epic" showdown at the end of season 1) and Peter storms off to Pinehearst to see if he can get a job in Human Resources.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Nathan have gone to Mohinder for answers about their powers, only to be drugged and prepped for cocooning. Daphne tries to recruit Matt (whose turtle guide led him to LAX?) who tries to convince Daphne that she shouldn't hang out with a rough crowd and maybe they should get married and have a baby named Danielle and be in love forever and ever! Matt got a little creepy there.

Finally, Peter comes face-to-face with his not-dead Papa, who gives him a big ol' hug…and sucks him dry of his multitude of powers! Whatever, it's not like Peter ever used any of 'em anyway.

Badass Moments:

-Papa Petrelli suckin' Adam Monroe into nothingness.
-Peter and Sylar's squabble.
-Hiro seeing himself getting knocked out with the shovel."One Minute Before Hiro Got Hit"
-"That's racist."
-Papa Petrelli suckin' away Peter's infinite powers.

Bad, Ass Moments:

-Mohinder falling for Tracy's lame sympathy trick. Roaches don't feel emotion, Mohinder.
-Seriously, how did Matt's turtle lead him to that airport?

NEXT TIME ON HEROES: Peter is not happy with his dad!