Devlgrl69: Hey baby where are you, im aching for u to be in me.

Please hold, a representative will be with you shortly. You are 7th in line.

Devlgrl69: Oooh, cum on, I cant wait much longer for u. Ur serving so many u bettr be good.

(45 minutes later)

You are now connected with the representative Venkatnu_144344.

Devlgrl69: Are there really 144,343 other Venkatnus on Dell chat support?

Venkatnu: Yes. Thank you for contacting Dell Premium Support. My name is Venkatnu Singh. How may I assist you today?

Devlgrl69: You can assist me out of these jeans lol. O no, I forgot to wear pnties! im so bad.

Venkatnu: This problem I can assist you with. What it is it you mean by when you say that you forgot to wear "pnties!" please?

Devlgrl69: Well actually, I m wearin a black lace thong. Would you like to take it off for me?

Venkatnu: This problem I can assist you with. How is it would be the best way to remove this appendage from your's system?

Devlgrl69: How about ur teeth hehe.

Venkatnu: I would be most happy to help you in this way. First I need you tell me, what is the name on the account, the address, the phone number, your service tag, your weight in kg, and the last 4 digits of the social security number?

Devlgrl69: Ooo cum on hottie, forget all that stuff. lets just have sum fun!

Venkatnu: One moment please. I need the name on the account before progressing, I am of a person who is sorry.

Devlgrl69: my name is Candy Rae. Can you just put it in me already?! Jesus.

Venkatnu: I'm sorry I don't have your name under this account.

Devlgrl69: I should be under that name, I don't understand. Try Candi Rae. With an I at the end.

Venkatnu: I'm sorry I don't have your name under this account.

Devlgrl69: Ugh. Fine. Try Stuart Miller.

Venkatnu: I have located your account Stuart! Now how can I be of assistance to you?

Devlgrl69: Put my legs bhind my head and call me a bad girl. I want it, I want you right now.

Venkatnu: I am afraid I do not understand your request. I am transferring you to my supervisor, please hold, your business is of the importance in which I am interested in.

Devlgrl69: No don't transfer me! Dammit. I swear to God I'm going back to Jdate.

You are now connected to the Supervisor Dmill443

Dmill443: Hey hey, whatsup, I'm David Miller and I'll be helping you with your comp. Nice screenname, Devlgrl69, sounds hot. I'd love to fill your USB ports if you know what I'm sayin. If you don't know what im sayin, I meant I want to bone you.

Devlgrl69: Dmill443…Hmm…Actually I just figured out the problem, so ill be goin now. Bye, thanks!

Dmill443: Wait one minute, I just gotta pull up your information. Stuart Miller, 14 Sycamore street, Lake Falls… DAD? Wtf are you doing?

Devlgrl69: I needed to fix my computer.

Dmill443: You have a Mac. And why are you Devlgrl69???

Devlgrl69: Well if you must know, your mother is a cold bitch and tech support is there to help me out 24 hours a day. Now how are you a Dell Supervisor? You're 14.

Dmill443: It's easy, you just have to be able to answer every question with 4 prepositional phrases and tell them their problem needs to be handled by Customer Care.

Devlgrl69: Yeah, I guess that would work. Well regardless, that USB comment landed you 2 weeks of no TV mister.

Dmill443: Of that I am with much apology. However, our server is currently in the unable of function. If you would like me to connect you to Customer Care, they will be assistance.

Devlgrl69: Do you really think that will work with me?

Dmill443: I can connect you with Sex_God_Vishnu2322.

Devlgrl69: Fine. Put him on.