Hola Jose!
Before I begin, I would just like to express my complete and faithful adoration towards you. Whether I'm at a bar or hosting a social event, you always come through for me in a pinch. Do you remember that one time i drank a bottle of your fine product and tried to ride my bicycle around the block? I sure dont, but you gave me one more reason why i pay those ridiculous health care premiums, this I know for sure.
With that said, I do have have some thoughts.I believe constructive criticism is very necessary, especially in your case.
For starters, your main and maybe most well known slogan is "Vive Cuervo!". However, you also have a slightly less known and slightly less politically correct slogan tied to your commodity, "tequila makes her clothes fall off" (as coined by a popular country song). Now i realize this slogan isn't directly related to your brand per say, but as one of the high selling brands, you have some high demands to live up to.
Now, to say that I didn't buy your sweet, sweet libation because of this secondary slogan would be an outright lie. However, from personal experience, your advertising is faulty. Tequila, in fact, does not make her clothes fall off they way I thought. From what i have witnessed, tequila will result in two different means, to ultimately the same end.

1.) She will leave her dorm room/apartment with your product convienently contained in a 20 oz. diet soda bottle, usually stashed in the said girls purse, somewhere near her camera or make up kit of some sort. Arriving at the party, she will stand in a circle with her girlfriends, brandishing her cleverly modified bottle of tequila. All the while, all the males in the room get just as excited, because of your faulty slogan. Fast forward an hour or two. The bottle is gone, and the low tolerances and diminished inhibitions are starting to show through. We are finally starting to get to the point where the clothes should start to fall off. However, much to the shagrin of the guys in the room who have been waiting all night for this, the combonation of dancing, unadultered nicotine (from the pack of Camel No. 9's her roommate bought for the girls) and the tequila turns her night around on a dime, and your product ends up right where it began, in her purse. Except this time its out of the bottle, all over her camera and make up, and much less appealing.

2.) She will go to the bar, already buzzed after the ritualistic pre-game at her apartment. Upon entering the bar, she will head undistracted, directly to the bathroom for reasons unknown to me. From the bathroom she will go to the dance floor, strategically searching for the semi-cute guy she will shamelessly trick into buying her drinks all night. After the first couple vodka collins go down, its time for a shot. The hopeless guy will directly go for the obvious choice: Jose Cuervo. Why? Because its potent, usually cheap, aaaaand it is said to make her clothes fall off. This where that little slogan rears its ugly head again. Now that semi-cute guy who has been buying her drinks all night has magically transformed into bastard love child of Brad Pitt and Cassanova. Everything he says is funny, romantic and unbelievably witty. Gratuitous make out sessions at the bar will indefinately ensue, and your slogan is that much closer to being true. Then, like she was on some cosmic hourglass, the last grain of sand falls and you, Mr. Cuervo, send her directly back to where she started once more: the bathroom, leaving the poor unsuspecting guy with nothing else but blue balls and a bar tab.

As you can see Jose, your slogan is not only false, but it grossly misinterpereted. Sure, consumption of your product may result in the disrobing of a female, but not in the manner we all expect. I only suggest a modification of the slogan, maybe something like "Tequila makes her puke if she has too much, so be careful bro" would be more appropriate. Like I said, this is nothing more than constructive criticism coming from a consciensious observer. Beyond that, keep doing what you do best, erradication memories and morning classes everywhere.

Sincerely yours,